Spring-summer hair colour trends: Follow celebrities

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Los AngelesĀ : Summer is here, beat the heat with new hair colour. From crystallised blondes to ruby reds, one can try out new shades taking a cue from celebrities like Amanda Seyfried, Kristin Cavallari and Gwyneth Paltrow.


Adam Russell, premier technician at Richard Ward Salons, has some advice on the spring-summer hair colour trends:
“Spring-summer months always see a strong movement in hair colour; as the weather heats up, so do tresses, resulting in bright, glossy, pearlescent hues reminiscent of the French Riviera,” femalefirst.co.uk quoted Russell as saying.
“Sparkling precious stones and summer time deserts will provide inspiration for tones this season; think ruby and garnet hues fused with vanilla ice cream and black current sorbets.
“Inspirited by colours dancing off the Mediterranean sea, high shine, bright, reflective tones help to lift skin tones whereas new texture-inspired colouring techniques help to give a new dimension to the professional colour palette,” he added.
The top hair colour trends for spring-summer are:
* Crystallised Blondes: As worn by Amanda Seyfried, Kristin Cavallari and Gwyneth Paltrow
The spring-summer blonde hair should be inspired by ice cream tones, pearlised shades of candies and luminous pastel shades. Soft highlighting and balyage techniques also work brilliantly to lift blonde hair and create a cool, high shine finish.
Tresses should have a bright, almost washed out beachy quality to it; think clean and natural. To add a point of interest try thin sections of luminous highlights in shades of honey and maple ribboned through the hair. Alternatively, for a more fashion forward finish, opt for a muted ombre technique which highlights the root area, as sported here by Paltrow.
* Ruby Reds: As worn by Amada Righetti, Ashlee Simpson and Debra Messing
Vibrant, bold and sparking; reds should take inspiration from rich jewelled gemstones, cherry sorbet hues and frosted strawberry confectionery. The focus should be on emphasizing subtle texture in the style, so colour can be layered to give the impression of movement, depth and body.
For colour that’s prominent, loud and cheerful, try blending jewelled gemstone reds with amber and rhubarb toned highlights for a reflective and glossy finish.

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