Explaining Website Navigation

Explaining Website Navigation
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Web users are very impatient, so navigation is incredibly important in helping them find what they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible. It can actually make or break the success of your website.

Website navigation
The term “website navigation” refers to the way users get around your website. It’s kind of like using street signs to find an actual address. Without them, you’d be lost, With that in mind, you can see how it’s incredibly important that the navigation of a website is very easy to use and easy to find.
The first thing we need to think about is placement. Since a navigation bar doesn’t take up a huge amount of space, it can get lost in a sea of other content you have on your website. So that, it should be a very consistent and prominent element that appears in the same place at the top of every page. It should also have the same colors,type and styles, so that users know where to go to get around no matter what page they’re on.

There are two common kinds of navigation: horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal navigation

Most of the times you see the navigation is arranged horizontally across the very top of a page. It’s a list of all the pages on the website that a visitor may want to see.
Vertical navigation.

Vertical text navigation

It is the another common arrangement. You can see this most often on the left side of a website. Vertical navigation can be used in conjunction with horizontal navigation and it’s often used for sub-sections of a larger one found in the bar at the top of the page.

Drop-Down Menus

You know how when you click or hover over a button in the navigation bar, a menu comes down and offers you a look at what other sections of the site can be found under that heading? That’s called as drop-down menu. They break down top-level buttons into smaller sections. Sometimes they even have sub-menus that show users even more choices as they look through the drop-down menu for example you’re on a books website and the navigation at the top has options like “historical,” “stories ” and “comics.” When you choose “historical” a drop-down menu appears and offers you more options like “Authors name’s,” Drop-down menus are a great way to help users get around a website quickly and easily without taking up valuable screen real estate. Without them, there wouldn’t be much room for any other content in complex websites.

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