Capturing the opportunity Marketing to win each moment

Capturing the opportunity Marketing to win each moment
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Constant connectivity has exploded the number of moments in which marketers can connect with people. And not only are there more moments to consider, but each moment gives you the chance to speak to people in real-life situations with better, more useful information. That combination is a marketing gold mine.

The key for brands is to understand their value proposition for different consumer moments and align their messaging behind that. For a retailer that might mean different ads during store hours (phone number, real-time offers, store locator) versus after-hours (product information, online customer service, open hours the next day). When promoting the store locator in their mobile ads, RadioShack estimated that 40-60% then visited a store, with 85% of those making a purchase. For a pizza chain it might mean tailoring smartphone ads for convenient click-to-call ordering or directions to nearby locations. In either case, it requires a moment mindset.

Regardless of industry or business-type, constant connectivity gives all marketers the chance to be great marketers. Marketers who are connecting with people in specific, real-life moments that matter. And things are just getting started. There will only be more screens in the future, more interoperability between them, and new consumer signals to respond to. That means there’s only going to be more and more opportunities for brands to be present and relevant. Shifting to context-driven marketing now will ensure we catch the wave.

If ever there was a moment that mattered for marketers, it’s now.

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