Rakht Charitra

Rakht Charitra
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Plot = The movie is inspired from the real – life incidences occurred in the life of Mr. Paritala Ravindra, a deceased politician of Andhra Pradesh State. Where, Pratap Ravi (Vivek Oberoi) plays his character, who tries to avenge the death of his father Virbhadra (Rajendra Gupta) and his brother Shankar (Sushant Singh), from Politicians Narasimha Reddy (Raja Krishnamoorthy), Nagamani Reddy (Srinivasa Rao Kota) and his son Bukka Reddy (Abhimanyu Singh). What follows is a series of vendetta killings, soaked heavily in blood!

Opinion = Rakht Shatru, Rakht Mrityu, Rakht Shakti, Rakht Charitra, RAKHT! RAKHT! RAKHT! RAKHT! RAKHT! RAKHT! RAKHT! RAKHT!  It is a couplet used in one of the songs played in the background, while you witness gruesome murders and gore violence on screen. The movie is tagged as the “most violent movie produced in the history of Bollywood”. Also, it was the first Bollywood Movie to be made into 2 Chapters. Indian Audience has never witnessed such gore and violence before and after this movie, till date. It is not like the violence is showcased deliberately for titillating the audience, the plot itself is a compilation of horrific real life incidences. The movie was heavily appreciated at the time of its release and had done a very good business at the box office. As an audience, you need a lot of courage to watch this movie. The presentation is so realistic and gruesome, because of which, the movie is not for the faint – hearted. The engagement level with the audience is maintained right from the first frame. The only problem is the sudden interference of the song “Paisewala” performed by singer Sukhwinder Singh, which tries to alleviate the intense proceedings, with efforts gone in vain.

Performances = The plot is an unconventional revenge – drama and the performances of the actors has made this movie a cult classic. We found the same – old – reliable – actor Vivek Oberoi, as he was, in COMPANY. It is the best performance of Vivek in his entire career. The entire movie depends heavily on his acting acumen, and he had swept the audience by delivering a fantabulous performance. We also got the most dreadful and horrific villain in this movie in the form of Bukka Reddy, played by actor Abhimanyu Singh. Abhimanyu had given a tough competition to Vivek with his towering performance. As an audience, It will be impossible for you to forget the character of Bukka Reddy, till your last breath. The “icing on the cake” for the movie is the performance given by legendary actor Shri Shatrughan Sinha (minus his moustache). He is in a ‘never-seen-before’ avatar. It is a treat to watch him mouthing the line “Topic is Over” multiple times, in his signature style. The movie has a pool of well established actors like Srinivasa Rao Kota; Zarina Wahab; Radhika Apte; Sushant Singh; Sudeep; Sushmita Mukherjee; Darshan Jariwala; Ashish Vidyarthi and Ashwini Kalsekar and all of them have justified their existence in the movie.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = You talk about making a political thriller or a crime – thriller, no other Bollywood Director can make a better movie than Director Ram Gopal Varma. He is an adroit in this genre. In an interview, RGV had mentioned that he is highly influenced by THE GODFATHER, which is quite evident in his craft. The Screenplay has RGV’s midas touch, which will not allow you to even blink your eyes. RGV relies heavily on camera -angles and the background score for elevating the impact of the proceedings, and the modus – operandi is applied in this movie as well. As a person, RGV has a very realistic and dark vision, which was required for handling this plot. Apart from “Paisewala”, all the songs are played in the background with a heavy use of ‘sanskrit – shlokas’ and arousing music.

Rowdy Rating = 4 / 5    

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