Margarita with a Straw

Margarita with a Straw
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Plot = The movie showcases the daily-life challenges of Laila (Kalki Koechlin) who is suffering from cerebral palsy. She decides to go for higher studies and shifts her base to New York, with her mother Shubhangini (Revathy). During her stay at New York, she embarks on a journey filled with varied human emotions, with her friend Khanum (Sayani Gupta).

Opinion = There are very few bollywood movies which can act as a referral material for studying human emotions. MARGARITA WITH A STRAW is one of them. The plot is simple and linear, but the execution gives it a ‘midas touch’. As an audience, you empathize with the characters of Laila and Khanum immediately. Right from the first frame, you get invested in the life of Laila and starts vouching for all her decisions. You will feel sorry for her on various occasions. The movie is highly underrated. The look and feel of the movie gives us an experience of watching a parallel cinema. It is a sumptuous treat for people, who are connoisseurs of thought – provoking and experimental cinema, and is strictly for adults. The movie is easily accessible on NETFLIX!

Performances = The character of Laila will be considered a ‘milestone’ in the career of actress Kalki Koechlin. You don’t see Kalki, but, Laila on screen. I cannot imagine any other actress in the world who can play the character of Laila, better than Kalki. If I start praising Kalki’s performance in writing, it will take the form of a 500 Pages book. Also, the character of Khanum (who is blind since birth) is beautifully played by actress Sayani Gupta. You will seriously feel that she doesn’t have eyesight. The scenes between Laila & Khanum are some of the exceptional moments presented in the history of Bollywood. The potential of acting in actress Revathy is exponential. She is an adroit in handling any kind of role. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see her on screen, quite often. The scene where Revathyji finds out that Laila watches porn in her absence, testifies Revathyji’s acting acumen. It’s a Kalki’s show all the way, so the supporting cast had nothing productive at their disposal.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = It is mentioned at the end of the movie that, it is inspired from the life of a son of one of the Directors from duo Shonali Bose & Nilesh Maniyar. Hence, the movie is very insightful. Their direction has depth and is to the point. They have handled a very difficult and complex subject, with finesse. The Cinematography gives the movie, a rich feel. Only the ‘Koi Shaq’ song is hummable, rest all the songs are forgettable.

Rowdy Rating = 4 / 5    

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