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Plot = Nikki Singh (Akshay Oberoi) is a badass boy of a real estate tycoon Kehri Singh (Pankaj Tripathy), residing at Gurgaon. Nikki gets embroiled in the vicious circle of cricket – betting, along with his friends Rajvir (Arjun Fauzdar), Jonty (Yogi Singha) and Chintu (Ashish Verma) and loses 1 Crore rupees, within minutes. For paying the amount to the bookie, Nikki kidnaps his own NRI Sister Preet Singh (Ragini Khanna) and demands a ransom from his father. So, will Kehri Singh pay the ransom for saving Preet a.k.a Preeto or is there some other dimension of this setting?

Opinion = The movie is an intense drama – cum – thriller right from the first frame. It is the achievement of the team that, while watching the movie, I got reminded of Anurag Kashyap directed masterpiece, UGLY. It was only because the overall look and setting of the movie resembles that of UGLY, very closely. The proceedings delve deep into the general mindset of the people residing at Gurgaon and how it is becoming a factory of goons, with every passing day. In spite of having such a strong content, the movie is highly underrated. The movie is highly engaging and considering its seriousness, I would recommend it only for adults. The first half sensitizes the audience with the nature of each character, and then, in the second half, the narrative tries to connect the dots and takes us to a shocking climax!

Performances = The performance of each character has placed the script on a superior pedestal. The protagonist of the movie is actor Akshay Oberoi, and he has swept the audience by giving a fantabulous performance. His dead – pan expressions are enough to give you gooesbumps. Actor Pankaj Tripathi has created a niche for himself in the industry. With every outing, he is raising his bar as an actor. Here, he has played a character that remains drowned in alcohol and the pride of his wealth, with finesse. Actress Ragini Khanna has potential, but, the script restricted the scope of her craft. The supporting cast has performed at par with the expectation of the script.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = It is a directorial debut of cinematographer Shanker Raman. As a debutant, I am highly impressed by his work. He has tried to convey a lot of things through sub-texts, which is a praise – worthy effort. He was successful in igniting the required amount of tension, through his camerawork. The Background Score helps in elevating the impact of the proceedings. All the songs are played in the background, and act as a catalyst in building the story. Cinematography by Vivek Shah is breath-taking!

Rowdy Rating = 4 / 5     

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