Batman Begins

Batman Begins
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Plot = Bruce Wayne a.k.a. BATMAN (Christian Bale) decides to free Gotham City from the clutches of Ra’s Al Ghul (Ken Watanabe); Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson) and Dr. Jonathan Crane a.k.a. Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy), (who are willing to destroy the existence of the city), after his parents gets murdered in an unfortunate incident (during his childhood). The movie then becomes an origin story of one of the most revered superhero of the DC Universe!

Opinion = Till the year 2005, BATMAN, as a superhero, was in a deep shit, on the celluloid. Since the 80’s, numerous attempts were made by the DC Comics Production House, in establishing BATMAN as the most sought – after superhero, globally. But, they were not able to justify the existence of BATMAN and looked more concerned in showcasing the camaraderie between BATMAN and his counterpart ROBIN. BATMAN, as a superhero, flunked at the box –office multiple times. So, for revamping the ideology of BATMAN, DC’s Production House approached Mr. Christopher Nolan, who is considered as the most intelligent and successful director alive on the planet, till date. Mr. Nolan took up the project on one condition that he must be provided complete freedom with regards to the drafting of the script and the screenplay. He completely eliminated the character of Robin and many of the mundane histrionics from BATMAN’s character. The producers honored the request made by Mr. Nolan and gave him freedom of expression and extended enormous budgets for completing the project. The movie showcases how BATMAN dealt with his internal fears and external conflicts and got transformed into a superhero from a multi-billionaire businessman. The movie is considered as the best ‘Origin Story’ presented for any superhero (including that of the Marvel Studios), till date. Only because, the makers have showcased the transformation of a normal being into a superhero, without using much dishoom – dishoom or other worldly stunts and special effects. The movie delves into the thought process of an individual who is surrounded by troubled circumstances and decides to eliminate his sufferings, one–at-a-time. The movie was extremely successful in establishing BATMAN as the biggest and the goriest superhero, generating great revenue at the box office. The success of the movie also justified the existence of its trilogy (Batman Begins (2005); The Dark Knight (2008) & The Dark Knight Rises (2012))

Performances = Christopher Nolan was highly impressed with the performance of Actor Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain. So, he approached him for playing the lead in the trilogy. But, Heath felt that the character of Bruce Wayne (BATMAN) did not appeal to him and the offer went to Christian Bale. Till date, many actors have played the role of BATMAN in various movies (including Justice League), but Christian Bale’s portrayal of the character is still the best. He had worked a lot on his physical appearance and voice – modulation, which gave the ‘midas touch’ to the character. The movie has a pool of legendary actors like Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox); Michael Caine (Alfred) and Gary Oldman (Jim Gordon) who had performed at par with the expectation of the script. Actor Ken Watanabe as Ra’s Al Ghul was successful in creating the required amount of tension, with his performance. Actress Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes, Actor Tom Wilkinson as Carmine Falcone and Actor Cillian Murphy as Dr. Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) were just okay with their performances.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = Director Christopher Nolan had a mammoth task of re – establishing a superhero, which was already rejected by the audience. And, he made optimum utilization of his adroitness in making the movie a ‘cult classic’. Mr. Nolan never deviated from the crux of a superhero movie (wiz showcasing the triumph of good over evil). His Direction was slick and keeps you invested in the proceedings. Barring the climax sequence and the training sequence of Bruce Wayne, the entire movie makes us empathize with BATMAN and Bruce Wayne, in the same spirit. The Background Score & the VFX gave a realistic touch to the proceedings.

Rowdy Rating = 4 / 5

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