ROBOT 2.0 Teaser

ROBOT 2.0 Teaser
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Opinion = After the humungous success of ROBOT in 2010, the makers are back with its sequel 2.O. This time, apart from Superstar Rajinikanth and Director Shankar, even actor Akshay Kumar, Producer – Director Karan Johar and actor Adil Hussain are also associated with the project.

This movie is another magnum – opus project of the fraternity, after PADMAAVAT, this year. All the movie buffs of the country have great expectations from this movie. We were feeling that, in a gap of 8 long years, the makers will surprise us with something unfathomable.

Unfortunately, along with many others, even I am highly disappointed with its teaser. There is nothing presented in the teaser which gives a feel of an 8 years hard work. Even, the CGI and the VFX are looking third grade. As I am able to understand from the teaser, the makers are trying to pitch Chitti, the Robot, as the most sought after superhero of this country.

MAKERS, please note, KRRISH is enough to save our country from all the evil forces. We don’t require another superhero on screen, thank you!

I thought that the makers will solve one of the biggest scientific problems of our country through Chitti. But, then I thought – “Itna dimaag BOLLYWOOD mein kaun lagaata hai yaar”.

It is shown in the teaser that the CROWMAN (Akshay Kumar) snatches away the mobile phones of countrymen. That’s it!

Now, I can gauge that, there will be a monologue – type BAKCHODI in the climax, where the makers will try to showcase that how the human population is becoming increasingly dependent on their smart phones and all the allied C Grade gyaan will be pitched to the audience.

Overall, I am highly upset with the teaser, and now, I have no expectations from this movie!


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