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Plot = Mauji (Varun Dhawan) and Mamta (Anushka Sharma) are a small – town married couple, who strive to live a happy and fulfilling life, with whatever resources they have. Mamta provokes Mauji to leave his ill – mannered boss and start something of his own. Will Mauji be able to become a successful entrepreneur or will he lose Mamta, while chasing his dreams?

Opinion = The movie belongs to the “feel good” category of cinema, which keeps a constant smile on your face. You get immediately connected to the lead characters and their challenges, as they are presented in the most convincing way possible. The first half is swift and is highly engaging. Up to an extent, the movie also supports the Prime Minister’s “Make In India” Campaign, but fortunately, it never becomes too heavy or preachy in its treatment.

Post interval, the movie becomes highly predictable, and I was able to see the efforts taken by the makers, for pleasing the masses of the country. Everything becomes highly convenient for Mauji, which ruins the second half, to a considerable extent. Nevertheless, the movie is a complete family entertainer and will definitely do great business at the box office!

Performances = Performance is the most praise – worthy aspect of this movie. Actor Varun Dhawan has given a “performance of a lifetime”. I am shocked to see the maturity in Varun’s performance, in this movie. If he is lucky enough, he will definitely win many accolades for playing the character of Mauji. Anushka Sharma has also given an equal support to Varun. Especially, the scene for which she was trolled in the social media, is extremely touching, and I am sure that, after watching this movie, people will stop making fun of Anushka, for her expressions in the scene. Both the lead actors have touched the audience with their mind – boggling performances. The supporting cast was also equally good, especially Namit Das, as Mauji’s irritating brother – in law, also shined in his performance. A potent actor like Raghuvir Yadav (as Mauji’s Father) was completely wasted here.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = There was a lot of influence of DUM LAGA KE HAISHA on the entire movie. This is Director Sharat Katariya’s next project just after DLKH. Sharat has offered us a very sweet film, which will definitely appeal to the masses. His Direction maintains the right amount of tadka in the first half, but in order to please the masses, I felt that, he compromised heavily with his craft, in the second half. The songs composed by Anu Malik are situational and melodious.

Rowdy Rating = 3.5 / 5   

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