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Plot = A blind pianist Aakash (Ayushmann Khurrana) is the only witness of the murder of a yester – year actor (played by Anil Dhawan), at the actor’s own residence. He decides to lodge a police complaint and publicize the murder. But, how will he decode the incident, if he can’t see anything?

Opinion = The movie is a classic example of 2 halves being poles apart, in the same film. Right from the first frame, till interval, the movie is highly engaging and the build – up of the plot and its characters, is outstanding.

But, the second half drags heavily, and its length gets directly proportional with boredom. It has all the ingredients of a typical Sriram Raghavan movie (not considering AGENT VINOD here), but this time, the fizz of his direction was missing. The movie is a treat for connoisseurs of dark humor and edge-of-the-seat thriller. There are plethora of LOL and nail – biting moments, at regular intervals, in the first half. But, unfortunately, there is no key take – away moment, from the second half. I would consider it as just a one – time watch!

Performances = Ayushmann Khurrana is a revelation. If he is lucky enough, he might win decent number of awards this year, for his performance. The guy is just “bahumukhi – pratibha ka dhani”. The variations and shades in his character is expressed by him like an adroit. This is Ayushmann’s best performance till date. Actress Tabu (as Anil’s wife) has given a performance at par with the expectation. She looked seductive and deceptive, at the same time. Actor Manav Vij (as Tabu’s Boyfriend) showed potential in his acting. After a very long time, yester year actor Anil Dhawan appeared on screen, with a refreshing performance. A potent actor like Zakir Hussain (as Dr. Swami) was completely wasted here. The supporting cast did a decent job!

Direction = Director Sriram Raghavan is a master of thriller genre. The movie resembled a lot like JOHNNY GADDAR. He was successful in keeping me invested in the first half, but, the SHIT started to happen post interval. I don’t know why he unnecessarily convoluted a plot, which was at its peak, till interval. The Songs of the movie are below average (which is surprising as the protagonist is a pianist). The Background Score was successful in creating the right amount of tension.

Rowdy Rating = 3.5 / 5  



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