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Plot = The movie traces the life journey of a boy named Vinayak Rao (Sohum Shah), who gets fantasized by a local legend of a monster named Hastar and his gold medallions, in his village Tumbbad. Vinayak’s greed of getting those medallions increases with his age. Will he be able to unearth and capture the hidden treasure, or is there something different written in his fate?

Opinion = LAALACH BURI BALA HAI. The movie promulgates this simple ideology, in a complicated way. It has a fair share of highs and lows, but, unfortunately, the lows are little more. The movie fails to deliver its basic result, wiz ENTERTAINMENT. Because of the faulty execution, the plot became convoluted, unnecessarily. I was quite intrigued in the proceedings before interval. Post that, I believe, the makers themselves were clueless about what they are willing to project or showcase. After watching the climax, I immediately got a feeling that AGAR MOVIE KO AISE HI END KARNA THA, TO PEHLE KYUN NAHIN KIYA?

The movie would have been suitable (and bearable) as a “short film”. It’s really a daunting task to watch this movie for 2 long hours. The makers tried to make an Indian Version of THE MUMMY, but, failed miserably at their attempt. The plot was very linear, with a dearth of any major twist or turn.

I don’t understand that why popular publications have given a 4 Star Rating to this movie.

For me, it’s just and only, a one – time watch!

Performances = I believe actor Sohum Shah had not got the opportunity of having “sex”, for quite sometime now. I felt that he had chosen this movie (he is also a co – producer by the way), so that he can enjoy a couple of intimate scenes and can satisfy his urge of womanizing. Believe me, 70% of the time, he has done these things ONLY in the movie. I had appreciated his performance in TALVAR, but here, I didn’t saw the same flair, at all. Also, a linear script, restricted his scope of acting, anyways. The supporting cast was also just okay with their effort and performance. Actress Ronjini Chakraborty did look seductive on screen.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = Considering that the project is backed by Producer Anand .L. Rai and after watching its trailer, I had decent expectations from the movie. But, majority of the things got ruined. Director Rahi Anil Barve, had a potent plot at his disposal, but, unfortunately, they could just make an average movie. The VFX, at places, was very good and at places, extremely pathetic. The Background Score matched the standard of a horror flick. The Production & Set Design was praise- worthy.     

Rowdy Rating = 2.5 / 5

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