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Plot = The movie tries to delve into the daily lives of single parents and their equation with their children, at various stages of life. Here, the protagonist is Eela Raiturkar (Kajol), a single mother and a businesswoman, who is nothing more than a watchdog, for his teenage lad Vivaan (Riddhi Sen). The movie showcases their tumultuous relationship, which goes through various ups and down, during its runtime!

Opinion = I cannot consider this as a MOVIE. This is SHIT, This is TATTI, this is a 3rd Degree  Torture and everything else, which is torturous in this world, and not a movie at all. Before going into the details of this GARBAGE, let us do away with the list of celebrities, who have played a cameo in this SHIT of a movie. So, you will see celebrities like, MAHESH BHATT, ILA ARUN, BABA SEHGAL (Yes, he is still alive), GANESH ACHARYA, ANU MALIK, SHAAN and SHRI AMITABH BACHCHAN. Everyone was there, either to just party or to respect the relations they might be having with the makers. None of them added any value to the proceedings or the plot.

There is not even a single aspect, which is praise worthy in this SHIT. But still, the movie will definitely get an award for being one of the most pathetic movies produced, in the history of Bollywood. The makers have made a mockery of an extremely serious and burning issue.

The movie showcases the typical garbage of broken dreams of married women, relationship challenges faced by the young generation, etc, without any dignity or novelty attached with it.

Since, I am counted among the top critics of the country; I am bound to use a dignified language, in my reviews. Otherwise, I am dying to mention the dirtiest and weirdest abusive words for this movie, so that, it reaches to the makers as well.

If you are willing to take REVENGE with somebody, please gift him or her, a free ticket of this movie. That individual will never ever trouble or bother you, for lifetime!

Performances = I am dying to give a “tight slap” on the face of Kajol. She has crossed all the limits of over – acting. Her presence in any scene, is enough to boil your blood with anger, creating a cringe – worthy effect. The only saving grace was the performance of actor Riddhi Sen, which was pretty decent in his effort. The supporting cast has also done a pathetic job.

A potent actor like Zakir Hussain (College Principal) was completely wasted.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = Director Pradeep Sarkar must be taken to the GATEWAY OF INDIA (chose this spot because, people from western, central and harbor railway lines, can reach here smoothly), must be stripped naked and must be beaten with sandals, shoes and rubber chappals, after dipping it in a heap of cow – dung. If he can tolerate this SHIT and calls it a movie, then, he is eligible for such kind of treatment. The only thing, which is better than the entire movie, is the song MUMMA KI PARCHCHAAYI. Nothing productive can be mentioned about the remaining technical aspects.

Rowdy Rating = 0.5 / 5  

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