Badhaai Ho

Badhaai Ho
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Plot = Nakul Kaushik (Ayushmann Khurrana) is in love with his colleague Rene Sharma (Sanya Malhotra). After convincing Rene’s mother Sangeeta Sharma (Sheeba Chaddha), Nakul decides to pitch their marriage proposal to his family, comprised of his father – Kaushik (Gajraj Rao), mother – Babli Kaushik (Nena Gupta), grandmother – (Surekha Sikri) and his younger brother. But, his life gets tobsy – turvy when he gets informed that his Mother is pregnant for the third time. Now, will Nakul plan an arrangement of his marriage, or will he prepare himself for welcoming his upcoming sibling?

Opinion = BADHAAI HO! BADHAAI HO! BADHAAI HO!, Bollywood ab apna content sudhaar raha hai, iss baat ke liye, poore desh ko BADHAAI HO!. The movie brings the spotlight on a very tricky question that, should there be an age – limit for having SEX?  OR Do elderly couples lose their right of having some intimate and romantic moments with their spouse?

The movie shakes our thought process about this pertinent issue, in the most light and humorous way. People at the multiplex, including myself, have enjoyed the movie whole – heartedly. There are a plethora of LOL Moments, Toilet Humor, Sex Comedy and slice – of –life humor, at regular intervals.

As a concept, the movie has scored full marks. It will be equally enjoyed by the classes and the masses. It’s a complete package of entertainment. The first half of the movie, doesn’t even allow you to check your phones, it’s so engaging and entertaining. Post interval, however, for around 20 minutes, the movie lost its steam, but again, it got accelerated high, on the same track.

I appreciate the makers for choosing an out-of-the-box concept and for developing an entertaining plot, surrounding it.

There is no reason to miss this ENTERTAINER!!!

Performances = I was still under the influence of ANDHADHUN and Ayushmann Khurrana again surprised me with his fantabulous performance. However, his performance here, was very similar to the one of VICKY DONOR. He plays the role of a typical and frustrated DELHI KA LAUNDA, with finesse. Actress Sanya Malhotra also gave him equal support. There is a ensemble of highly respected and talented actors of the country, in this movie. We have Actress Surekha Seekri, Actress Neena Gupta and Actor Gajraj Rao (TALVAR fame) on board here and everyone of them has taken the screenplay to a much superior pedestal, with their outstanding performance. Especially, it was a treat to watch actress Neena Gupta on the big screen, after a really long time. The supporting cast was also very good in their effort.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = By releasing this movie on the auspicious occasion of DUSSHERA, Director Amit Ravindernath Sharma, has killed the RAAVAN of boredom and has given us a highly entertaining and interesting movie. His direction keeps you entertained and invested, throughout the runtime of the movie. A lot of effort might have been gone in strategizing the Screenplay, which is filled with humor. The hard work is quite evident on screen. There are only 2 or 3 songs, out of which, the title track is already a hit.

Rowdy Rating = 4 / 5    

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