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Plot = Rizwan Ahmed (Rohan Mehra), is a typical small – town boy from Allahabad, who idolizes Shakun Kothari (Saif Ali Khan), a Mumbai based business tycoon, leading an empire worth rupees 5000 Crores. Rizwan comes to Mumbai for proving his mettle and working together, shoulder-by-shoulder, with Shakun. He seeks solace in Shakun’s employee Priya Rai (Radhika Apte), who introduces him to Shakun directly. Will Rizwan be able to achieve his dreams, or will he get reduced to a puppet, dancing on the tunes of Shakun Kothari?

Opinion = For a brief moment, let us treat the movie – making process, in line with the procedure of making a culinary recipe.

So, here, take 2 tsp (teaspoon) of THE GODFATHER, 3 tsp of THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, 4 tsp of GURU and 5 tsp of SHIKHAR (not the gutkha, but Shahid Kapoor and Ajay Devgan starrer movie). Once, you have sorted these ingredients aside, add some money taken from PayTM, VIVO, Motilal Oswal, ET NOW, Rustomjee and Blackberry, in the form of in – film promotion, and leave it half – cooked. The final dish what you get is BAAZAAR.

The movie is highly average both, in execution as well as treatment. I am not able to fathom that why this film was in the making, since past couple of years. They could have easily made this one in few months, anyhow. Till the end, myself and the audience at the multiplex, at large, were not able to gauge that what exactly are the makers trying to convey.

Were they trying to pitch the nitty – gritty of the stock market. If yes, then they have failed miserably, as all the brokers and traders are shown having fun and the best time of their lives, during the working hours of the stock market.

Or were they trying to convey that you cannot always go by the book, when you are doing business.

There is some news doing the rounds since last few days that the JAIN COMMUNITY has objected on the content of the movie. I believe instead of them, all the IIM and HARVARD graduates must fight a legal battle against the movie, and claim damages for defamation.

The IIM and HARVARD graduates are mocked heavily in the movie. At times, I myself felt very uncomfortable by seeing how these people were made an object of amusement in the movie.

Neither the first half, nor the second half engages the audience or takes them anywhere.

Iss BAAZAAAR mein sab second – hand maal bechane ki koshish ki gayi hai!

Performances = The performance of Saif Ali Khan is the only saving grace of this movie. Only his presence has made the movie bearable, upto an extent. You will not be able to gauge that he is not a gujarati. It’s a praise – worthy performance of his career. I believe it is the first and last movie of debutant Rohan Mehra. Any sane director will not offer him any project, after seeing his performance in this movie. Actress Radhika Apte, as Priya Rai, was just present for executing some steamy lip – locks. Maybe that is the reason her character’s name was inspired from a celebrity pornstar. I believe, actress Chitrangda Singh needs to figure it out that why was she present in this movie. I cannot mention anything good about the supporting cast.


Direction & Other Technical Aspects = Director Gauravv K Chawla has given us a highly average movie. The entire movie relies on the shoulders of Saif, much more than him. If Gauravv must have put in more efforts and hard work, he could have done justice to the plot. There is a dearth of Background Score at many places. I believe, the Dialogues will appeal and please the Gujaratis of our country, deeply. Kem Chho song is already a hit, the remaining are just average.

Rowdy Rating = 2 / 5    

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