Thugs Of Hindostan

Thugs Of Hindostan
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Plot = The movie is setup between 1795 to 1806 (the pre – independence era), where the province of Raunakpur is under the command of a British Ruler, named John Clive (Lloyd Owen). To free the natives of Raunakpur from the undeserved ruling of Clive, a pirate named Khudabaksh (Amitabh Bachchan) forms his own army, with his right hand command Zafira (Fatima Sana Shaikh). Now, to eliminate Khudabaksh from his path, Clive appoints a Thug named Firangi Mallah (Aamir Khan), who gets inducted in the team of Khudabaksh as a fellow member. Will Firangi be able to kill Khudabaksh and please Clive, or is there something dubious about Firangi?

Opinion = So, after being in the news for almost 2 years, the movie has finally released. It is the first ensemble in the history of Indian Cinema where 2 Legends like Amitabh Bachchan & Aamir Khan are confronting each other in the same movie. Unfortunately, the script is not as rich as its star cast. The problem of treating the ensemble over and above the script, is still prevailing in BOLLYWOOD. I believe the makers had a dream of watching Mr. Bachchan & Aamir sharing the screen space together, so they did not pay much heed to the plot and the script, and made this movie without pondering much on it.

Technically, the movie is the Indianized Version of “Pirates Of The Caribbean”. The overall setup and the presentation, has close resemblance to the superhit Hollywood franchise.

Since the movie is backed by Yash Raj Films, having Aamir Khan & Amitabh Bachchan on board, it had created immense hype and anticipation since its announcement.

But, when its trailer got launched on YouTube, it got mixed reviews and reactions from the audience in general. The trailer was so dull and pathetic, that its craze and excitement levels diminished with every passing day. Today, in the morning show, being a holiday in the festive week, the occupancy was just 50%, which is shameful for such an “event film”.

The first 30 minutes of the runtime are extremely boring and cringe – worthy. Then the movie started engaging me and reached its pinnacle at the sequence, just before the interval. But again, in the second half, the movie deviated from its core purpose of entertainment and the climax is so obvious and stretched, that I felt it will go on till eternity.

I mean, till what time our makers will show the backdrop of DUSSHERA for showcasing the triumph of GOOD over EVIL?

Please watch this film to witness how the talents of 2 LEGENDS (Amitabh Bachchan & Aamir Khan) can be wasted in an average movie!

Performances = The movie has 2 powerhouse of talent. But, as expected, Sr. Bachchan had an upper hand on Aamir Khan, this time. The role and the character graph of Khudabaksh suits the persona of Mr. Bachchan, perfect to the T. He has conveyed a lot, only through his facial expressions.

On the contrary, Aamir’s character, Firangi Mallah, got plethora of Dialogues, without any flair of impact. His performance looked very much like a mix of his performances in Secret Superstar and Mela, hence, he has done nothing new this time around. At places, Aamir has managed to entertain the audience with some quick laughs, but, nothing memorable came out of his efforts. Actress Katrina Kaif has burned the screen through her ecstatic presence. She looked extremely hot and ravishing on screen. But, her character had the same meat which CHIKNI CHAMELI had in Agneepath. Why was Fatima Sana Shaikh there in the film, I guess, she might also be doubtful about this. The most irritating and redundant character was that of Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, as Firangi’s childhood friend. Actor Ronit Roy, as Zafira’s father, was completely wasted, even in his brief appearance.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = Considering his previous works like TASHAN (2008) & DHOOM 3 (2013), I can only state that Director Vijay Krishna Acharya is a Grade B director, lucky enough to direct Grade A star cast. When I came to know that he is helming this project, my expectations from the movie hit rock bottom. There is no elegance in his direction. The VFX and Production Design has the midas touch of YRF. Especially, the fight sequences look great on the Big Screen. Action Directors Parvez Shaikh & Franz Spilhaus deserve a special mention, for conceptualizing and executing breath – taking stunts for the 76 years old Legend, Mr. Bachchan. The Background Score sets the mood right. All the songs composed by Ajay – Atul are melodious and praise- worthy.

Rowdy Rating = 2.5 / 5  


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