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Plot = The movie is a cinematic representation of a real – life incident, of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Here, PIHU, a 2 year old toddler, gets confined to her home, with an unresponsive mother and a careless neighborhood. What follows is a series of spine – chilling and thought – provoking incidences, which shakes up the small world of PIHU!

Opinion = I would beg to differ in my review, from other critics. Before patronizing this flick, I had referred to a couple of reviews on the movie, published in reputed publications. Everybody, in general, highlighted that, the movie is slow in its execution, it’s unnecessarily lengthy; the screenplay is weak, etc. Nowhere, I am able to tally with their opinion.

According to me, the movie is exactly made, as it should be. In layman terms, it is a modified version of the Rajkummar Rao starrer, critically acclaimed movie, TRAPPED.

But here, the situation is even more horrifying, as the protagonist herself is a 2 year old toddler.

The movie absorbs you completely, right from the first frame, making it a highly engaging affair.

You definitely need a very strong heart and ample of courage to watch this flick.

The presentation seems genuine and serves the purpose of offering a spine – chilling thriller.

I would specifically like to appreciate the film – maker’s effort, because, apart from taking references from a real – life incident, they have also brought the spotlight on the carelessness of the people, living in our society.

For a while, just think that if your 2 year old kid is left all alone in your house, without any attention or guidance, you will then be able to predict, very closely, about what all incidences might have taken place in the movie.

To sum up the things, I can only state that, it’s an outstanding piece of cinema, made rarely in BOLLYWOOD. A must watch!

Performances = Child Artist Pihu Myra Vishwakarma might get all the awards this year, allotted exclusively, for her age category. She is the only living being present on screen, throughout the runtime. The supporting cast interacts with her, either on phone call, or by remaining outside of their house. The entire movie runs on the strong shoulders of this brilliant artist. Actress Prerna Vishwakarma (who is the reel and real mother of Pihu) excels in the parts where she is been coerced by Pihu, while trying to wake her up.


Direction & Other Technical Aspects = Director Vinod Kapri must not lose hope or confidence, by watching or reading the reviews of other film critics. Review Rowdy is with him. His efforts are really praise – worthy. I can understand how challenging it would have been for Vinod, to direct and base an entire movie on a toddler. The Background Score is enough to give you goose bumps at many places. The Editing and the Camerawork of the movie, has placed the script on a superior pedestal.

Rowdy Rating = 4 / 5


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