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Plot = The movie is a sequel to the 2010 superhit movie ROBOT. The plot gets shifted to current time, where a psychopath named Pakshi Rajan (Akshay Kumar) has created havoc in the southern part of the country, by robbing the mobile phones of all the residents.

So, will Dr. Vaseegaran (Superstar Rajinikanth) revive Chitti (Andro Humanoid version of Rajinikanth) to defeat Pakshi Rajan, or will Rajan will have a upper hand over Chitti, this time around?

Opinion = The movie has already set multiple benchmarks / achievements, in the history of Indian Cinema.

1) It’s the costliest movie produced in the history of Indian Cinema (having spent around 540 Crores in total)

2) It’s the first Indian Movie, shot entirely in 3D Format.

3) The movie brought 2 superstars, Thalaiva Rajinikanth & Akshay Kumar, together in a movie, for the first time, so on and so forth.

On the contrary, the movie has also become an example of how a potent plot can be ruined, with an average script.

Considering the ensemble and the filmmaker, on board, I had great expectations from the movie. But, unfortunately, its just an average affair. The movie has a fair share of highs and lows, but, the lows are so evident, that it cannot be ignored.

I appreciate the fact that Director Shankar has tried his level best, in offering us Hollywood Style entertainment, but, he could not abstain himself in glorifying the star power of the protagonist.

The biggest weakness of the movie is the Tollywood Touch, in its execution. So, like every Tollywood movie you are forced to watch on the television, like Surya Jalta Nahin Jalaata Hai, Jeene Nahin Dunga, Yevadu, Badla – The Revenge, Insaan– the Human Being, etc, here also, you will find that the makers have tried to induce forced laughter in the narrative, by including unnecessary dialogues, showcasing the female lead (Amy Jackson in this case) as overtly talkative and utterly stupid, a mandatory sequence near a muddy landscape, etc. If the makers intended to make a world class cinema, then why have they used such a routine stuff?

The first half is unnecessarily stretched, showcasing you just the magic of VFX, without being backed by any justification or a logical base. You are able to connect yourself with the narrative in the second half, when the makers have actually explained the intention behind making this movie.

The first half will give you your money’s worth, with Hollywood Level VFX, and the second half will please your curiosity with a logical justification to everything you are witnessing on screen.

In short, the movie will definitely recover its cost, but I cannot expect it to become a path – breaker, in terms of box – office numbers.

If you decide to watch this movie, watching it in 3D is mandatory, otherwise, your effort will go in vain.

Performances = As per the popular belief, when Thalaiva Rajinikanth is on screen, that also in 3 different avatars, nothing else can shine in front of his aura. But, this time, the entire cake is been cut and eaten by Akshay Kumar. Though, he enters the narrative just at the time of interval, the second half, and the movie in totality, completely belongs to him. Akshay has made the character of Pakshi Rajan, immortal, which will always have a superior status, in the history of Indian Cinema. Akshay has given a “performance of a lifetime”. You will get so influenced by his character, that you will start feeling pity for his misery. This is one of those movies, where you get emotionally attached with the antagonist, more than the protagonist.

On the other hand, Rajinikanth Sir is in the same avatar and shades, as he was in ROBOT, 8 years back. There should have been a layer or different facet to his character this time.

Amy Jackson looks sweet and sexy at the same time. Nothing else can be mentioned about her performance or character.

A potent actor like Adil Hussain (as Minister Vijay Kumar) was completely wasted here.

Actor Sudanshu Pandey (as Dhinendra Bohra) needs to understand that,  it’s not necessary to always give tough or dubious looks, to convey that you are playing a grey character in the movie.

The supporting cast was just average in their performances.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = I have great respect for Director Shankar. He is a visionary director, who always tries to offer something new and out-of-the-box. This time, I am little disappointed by his flow of thoughts and the direction. He could have made a shorter movie, with more twists and layers in the narrative. Majority of his pressure was already shared by the VFX Team, so, he could have worked on making the script stronger and water tight. The Dialogues of the movie are also very kiddish and pathetic, at many places. I will give full marks to the VFX Team, for their blood and sweat invested in the movie. It’s quite evident on the screen. The Background Score of the movie also deserves full marks from my side, which has placed the narrative on a superior pedestal.

Rowdy Rating = 3 / 5

Rowdy Reasons to Watch = Akshay Kumar’s mind – boggling performance & Hollywood Style VFX!

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