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Plot = The catastrophic flood of Uttarakhand, occurred in 2013, forms the crux of the story, where the makers have tried to weave a love story in this tragic event.

Here, Mandaakini Mishra a.k.a Mukku (Sara Ali Khan), is a daughter of a highly respected Brahmin Family, who falls in love with Mansoor (Sushant Singh Rajput) a local Pitthu at Rambaada, who helps aged and handicapped people to complete their Kedarnath Pilgrimage. The movie then becomes a battle between Faith & Nature; Love & Religion and Pride & Prejudice!

Opinion = It can be considered as a highly ambitious project for all the people associated with the movie. But, unfortunately, their ambition is marred by a poor script and a lethargic execution.

The first half of the movie is completely out of line and is extremely torturous, to say the least.

The movie gains some momentum just before the interval and starts engaging its audience, post that. The second half is way better than the first one.

But, since the movie before interval is so pathetic, I am afraid that people might not even wait to witness the second half, and might leave the auditorium during interval.

The makers have wasted a hell–of-a-time in establishing the chemistry between the lead pair. Also, the unnecessary sub plots presented in the first half, does not help in enhancing the entertainment quotient of the movie.      

If the movie would have been curtailed for at least 40 mins of its current runtime, it would have also impacted my rating for this movie, in a positive way.

Also, the makers have shown a craze of taking selfies (with the selfie stick) in the year 2013, that also at a holy place like Raambada. This stupidity was like a final test of your patience.

Overall, the movie is only watchable post interval.

Iss KEDARNATH ki YATRA par kum log hi jaayenge!

Performances = Sushant Singh Rajput has done, what he has been doing since ages. Remember his first stint at acting in a TV Soap named PAVITRA RISHTA, bas, same usi tarah ki acting ki hai usne. There was nothing new or praise worthy in his performance. On the contrary, newbie Sara Ali Khan has surprised me with her acting acumen. She was perfectly fit for this role. As a critic also, I was not able to gauge that this was her first performance. If she maintains the same trajectory and chooses her script wisely, Sara will have a bright career in Bollywood.

Nishant Dahiya, as the antagonist, was pretty decent in his effort.

Actress Alka Amin and Actress Pooja Gor were completely wasted.

The remaining cast was just average in their performance.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = Apart from ROCK ON & KAI PO CHE, I have never liked any other movie directed by Abhishek Kapoor. Especially his last movie FITOOR, tested my patience and sanity, at the highest levels. Thankfully, this movie is not as pathetic as FITOOR was. I cannot give much credit to Abhishek for this movie, as his direction in the first half was pathetic and the onus of executing the second half, was mainly on the VFX Team and the Action Director. Technically the film is good, with breathtaking VFX Shots and Cinematography. None of the songs was necessary or memorable!

Rowdy Rating = 2.5 / 5  


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