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Plot = The movie is in the form of a flashback story – telling, where A local Mumbai Goon, Rocky Bhai (Yash), gets hired by a mafia lord, for spying on the operations executed at a clandestine place, known as KOLAR GOLD FIELDS (KGF). Will Rocky be able to expose KGF to the world, or will he get succumbed to the slavery prevailing in that area?

Opinion = I have been hearing and reading a lot about this movie, in the last couple of days. Since, I do not have the bandwidth, expertise or knowledge of reviewing a TOLLYWOOD flick, still I decided to watch this one and review it, keeping in mind only one thing, that – if I can watch & review a SHIT like ZERO, then why not try this one as well?

This is the most talked about and hence, famous Kannada movie, produced till date. After watching it, I can completely agree on all the logical points on which, the movie is getting its due hype.

It remains a typical TOLLYWOOD flick, for the entire first half, where you will get a heavy dose of ACTION, INFORMATION, DIALOGUEBAAZI; HEROGIRI & FORCED ROMANCE. The camera angles, characters, locations, etc, also move very fast, like every other TOLLYWOOD flick, which tests your patience and drains out your effort, in keeping a track of the plot.

I got highly disappointed with the first half and was regretting my decision of watching this movie. Still, being a critic, I am bound to endure everything presented on screen and it will be unfair from my side, if I leave the auditorium mid way.

But, the second half completely satisfied my urge of watching linear, entertaining and logical content on screen. I was happy to realize that, my decision to wait till the end credits, has delighted me in a positive manner.

The movie is engaging, entertaining and a tout thriller, post interval. My rating will also be supportive of the second half. It completely changed the GAME, in favor of the movie.

As an audience, you start enjoying the movie, post interval, only. And, since the ending is left as a cliffhanger, it has raised a curiosity and a decent expectation from me, for its second chapter.

The proceedings at the KOLAR GOLD FIELDS, in the second half, place the script, on a superior pedestal.

In totality, you will have to keep patience for the entire first half, to get the worth of your money and effort, in the second half.

Performances = YASH is undoubtedly, the next SUPERSTAR of the country. His PERSONA, his BUILT; his STYLE, everything is just paisa – vasool. He is lucky that, he got such a movie, which can cement him as the go to Action Star in the industry. Forget about TOLLYWOOD, if Yash starts signing BOLLYWOOD Projects also, he can very well give other established actors, a run-for-their-money. He shines in the character of Rocky Bhai and sensitizes the audience with various facets of his caliber, as an actor. He will definitely have a bright career in the industry.

Actress Srinidhi Shetty looks pretty decent and charming on screen and only this statement can be mentioned about her, for the entire movie.

The item number of Mouni Roy (though unnecessary) is hot and sizzling.

I don’t know the names or career track of other actors in the movie (since I never review the movie of and lack knowledge about the Tollywood Industry), still, all the antagonists have played their part well.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = The problem with TOLLYWOOD is, their Directors have the required amount of potential and vision, but, their execution gets affected and restricted due to many mundane factors.

With the intent of pleasing their loyal audience, they deliberately try to present a larger-than-life image of their protagonist; which hampers the entertainment quotient for the Bollywood Audience. Here also, Director Prashanth Neel has wasted the entire first half in glorifying the stature of Rocky Bhai (YASH), with useless sub plots and action sequences, defying logic. His direction becomes linear and praise – worthy, post interval, and satisfies your urge of watching a good content on screen. The Production Values and the Setup is top notch. A lot of money is invested in this movie, for setting up the vicinity of KGF; which is quite evident on screen. The Background Score and Action Sequences, match the requirement of the plot.

And, as you can expect from any TOLLYWOOD flick, the songs are unnecessary and forgettable.

Rowdy Rating = 3 / 5      


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