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Review = So, the trailer of one of the most awaited releases of 2019 has released. The movie created the much deserved hype, last year, with the launch of its Teaser and the countrymen just got mesmerized with the resemblance of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, with one of the most revered, most controversial politician of our country; SHRI BALASAHEB THACKERAY.

Also, the date 25th January 2019; is about to create history in Indian Cinema. We have 3 big releases on this date, namely; CHEAT INDIA; THACKERAY & MANIKARNIKA. And gauging the potential and the treatment of the plots, in the respective trailers, the audiences are bound to buy tickets, for all of them.

The most interesting and unique aspect of the trailer, is its Cinematography. I believe, the entire movie (or majority of its shots) are been shot in a sepia tone, highlighting the Orange color (the theme of SHIV SENA); which is the most difficult thing to do, and the most interesting thing to watch.

I am only afraid with the fact that, the makers might have tried to glorify the image of Shri Balasaheb Thackeray, and in the process, it’s possible that they might have eliminated the shortcomings in his leadership. The image of Balasaheb was perfectly pitched, in the most balanced manner, in the cinematic masterpiece SARKAR, by Ram Gopal Varma. Though, SARKAR was more inspired from THE GODFATHER, than Balasaheb, still, there were many situations and incidents depicted in the movie, which were relatable with the life of the legend.

The trailer sensitizes the audience about the formation of SHIV SENA; allegations pitched against Balasaheb for the “Babri Masjid” incident; the challenges and protests faced by him, for being the supremo of SHIV SENA; his fight for the rights of MAHARASHTRIANS; his stand for the Muslim Community and the Marathi Film Industry, so on and so forth.

Every frame of the trailer, tries to showcase a different aspect of Balasaheb’s personality. And seeing a potent and highly talented actor like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, playing his role, there is no reason for the audience to miss this one.

Nawaz Bhai has mastered the art of getting into the skin of his character, for whatever role he chooses to play. And after MANTO, it will be his second biopic in the line.


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