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Review Rowdy -

Plot = Set in the late 90’s, the movie tries to expose the operations of the admission mafia, actively working in different parts of our nation.

Here, Satyendra (Ammar Taalwala) is a hard working and bright student, preparing for his engineering entrance exams. He gets lured by the king of admission mafia Rakesh Singh a.k.a. Rocky (Emraan Hashmi), for writing exams in place of undeserving students, for monetary benefits.

Will Satyendra be able to blow a whistle against the fraud committed by Rocky, or will he surrender himself to the delusional world of corruption and admission?

Opinion = “Akalamand to tum ho hi, Nakalmand ban sakte ho ya nahin”, this dialogue mouthed by Rocky, for luring Satyendra into the world of admission mafia, forms the circumference of the entire plot.

But unfortunately, movie naa hi Akalmandon ko pasand aayegi, naa hi Nakalmandon ko!

This movie is a classic example of a Potent Plot getting ruined by Poor Execution. The first 10 minutes of the movie, is brilliantly executed. It made me happy that an actor like Emraan Hashmi (who is never counted among the A Listers) chose such a different subject, as a maiden project of his own production house.

But, as there is a saying that all that SHINES is not GOLD. The movie shined for the first 10 minutes like GOLD and quickly became COAL, losing all its beauty.

After 10 minutes, the movie nosedives into the pool of boredom.

Anything happens anytime and at any place. The screenplay is so pathetic and non – linear, that it starts testing your patience to the highest levels.

Also, the presence of unnecessary songs and the love angle of Rocky and Nupur (Shreya Dhanwantary, playing the role of Satyendra’s Sister) make matters even worse for the audience.

The makers had the opportunity to expose the nexus of admission mafia in great depth, but they just brushed upon the issue, for attracting eye balls.

There is no reason for you for buying the “admission ticket” of any multiplex, for watching this flick.

Performances = The movie completely belongs to its protagonist Rocky, played by Emraan Hashmi. His performance is the only praise – worthy aspect of this movie. He looks confident and well prepared on screen.

I believe he chose this subject for refraining himself from the serial – kisser tag, but, Emraan needs to understand that Great Ideas must be backed by Great Execution.

Actress Shreya Dhanwanthary was just the eye candy of the movie. Nothing praise – worthy can be stated for her meatless performance.

Actor Ammar Taalwala will irritate you with his weird voice and dialogue – delivery.

The supporting cast was just okay.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = Director Soumik Sen was previously associated with projects like GULAAB GANG, HUM TUM AUR GHOST, ANTHONY KAUN HAI, etc. serving in various capacities.

Here also, his direction can only be classified as Grade B.

I am not able to understand how he himself manages to watch his shitty craft?

The Background Score of the movie is good, along with the Production Design and Cinematography.

The songs are unnecessary and forgettable.

Rowdy Rating = 2 / 5

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