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Plot = The movie is an official biopic of one of the most controversial and revered politicians of our country, Shiv Sena Supremo – Shri Balasaheb Thackeray.

The audience will get sensitized with the circumstances, which forced Balasaheb to leave his job and passion of being a cartoonist, at the Free Press Journal, for forming Shiv Sena, gradually leading to his acquittal in the case of Babri Masjid Demolition.

Opinion = I purposefully waited till today for reviewing this movie, and chose its competing release MANIKARNIKA for watching and reviewing it yesterday.

My intention was to analyze the take of other reputed film critics of this country on the biopic of one of the most controversial politicians of our country.

They have opined that the movie glorifies the image of Balasaheb and have given mediocre ratings to it, tagging it as a PROPAGANDA FILM.

I would like to ask them that was the image of actor SANJAY DUTT not whitewashed and glorified in SANJU?

Was the persona of HASEENA PARKAR not glorified in the movie based on her name?

Was the image and personification of gangster ARUN GAWLI not glorified in DADDY?

If the critics had not raised grave concerns at that time (which they are doing for this flick), then are they following any specific political agenda for defaming this movie, like they did for THE ACCIDENTAL PRIME MINISTER?

I am known for not being biased in my reviews against any celeb or production house, between my readers, and hence, this will also be my brutally honest review on this movie.

At a personal level, I have liked the movie a lot. It’s the 3rd Bollywood movie (after TALVAR & CRD) which has kept me engrossed and intrigued throughout its runtime.

So much about BALASAHEB is been covered in such a short duration of the movie.

The execution of this movie is so honest and to-the-point that at no point I felt that I am watching a PROPAGANDA FILM.

The movie showcases real life accounts and incidences which took place in the life of Balasaheb, as-they-were.

The entire first half is shot in black-and-white format, which traces the journey of Balasaheb in Flashback.

The movie becomes more relevant post interval and the makers were successful in communicating, what they had intended to convey through this film.

You are sure to become a FAN of Balasaheb, after patronizing this flick!

Performances = Throughout the runtime of the movie, I never saw Nawazuddin Siddiqui, but Balasaheb Thackeray on screen. It’s an award – deserving performance by Nawaz Bhai.

He has absorbed the persona of Balasaheb, perfect, to the T.

Actress Amrita Rao, as his wife Meenatai Thackeray, has also given a relentless support to Nawaz.

Everybody who worked as a supporting character, did their job in line with the requirement of the script.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = After REGE (2014), writer – director Abhijit Panse has given yet another riveting flick. It might have been a daunting task for him to helm a project which will not work based on his vision, but on people’s perception about the protagonist.

His direction is slick and engaging. I give full marks to Abhijit for his effort.

Along with Nawazuddin, there are 2 more heroes of the movie, namely, Cinematography and Background Score, which places the narrative on a superior pedestal.

The make-up artists and the production design team also deserve kudos for their hard work and performance delivery.

Rowdy Rating = 4.5 / 5


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