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Plot = Ahaana (Nargis Fakhri), a modern independent girl, decides to go on a romantic trip with her fiancée Karan Ajmera (Sachin Joshi), at his summer house, at a far away secluded place.

Their romantic date becomes a nightmare, when they start witnessing mysterious paranormal activities at the mansion,

Will Ahaana and Karan be able to solve the mystery or is there something more than what meets the eye?

Opinion = Filmmakers globally, have a special inclination towards the genre of HORROR. Everybody tries to present a different perspective, for the situational occurrences, which cannot be specifically defined by SCIENCE.

Majority of them fail to understand that, the base of HORROR is FEAR.

It’s the FEAR of the unknown, the FEAR of things which a human mind is unable to fathom, it’s the FEAR of disruption in normal course of action, it’s the FEAR which the audience needs to feel while patronizing any flick of this overtly exploited genre.

Specially in BOLLYWOOD, the credit of building a respectable stature of this genre of movies, goes to the RAMSAY BROTHERS. They were known to showcase different art, on the same canvas. The premise of setting up a horror flick at a clandestine palace, hill station, mansion, hotel, etc is the brainchild of Ramsay Brothers only.

Then, after many decades and after watching plethora of Grade C horror flicks (which offered SEX & NUDITY, more than the FEAR) , Director Ram Gopal Varma came up with his masterpiece named BHOOT.

He proved that for making a horror flick, you don’t need a stereotypical background and FEAR can come in any shape and form and at any location.

Instead of taking cues from BHOOT, bollywood filmmakers again resorted to the age old stereotypical plot setup and horror, as a genre, became a subject of mockery in the country.

In past couple of years we got some decent and contemporary form of horror in STREE and THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR.

But again, this movie offered all sorts of clichés and stereotypes associated with this genre, on a single platter.

Barring the performances, I was literally intrigued and glued to the screen, for the first half of the movie.

Post that, I saw a potent plot getting ruined by an average execution.

I mean, till how long will the filmmakers promulgate the doctrine that, females should not comb their hair at night, as the act has a lot of potential of attracting spirits towards them.

The movie manages to hold your attention, but the shit happens in the last 20 mins of the runtime, which will spoil your entire mood.

Here also, the ghost is not scared of humans, the ghost is not scared seeing the pathetic acting of the lead pair, the ghost is not scared by fire also. He only fears our very own Bajrangbali and the symbol of OM, printed or tattooed anywhere.



In short, the movie had potential to show something different, but, everything got reduced to clichés and stereotypes!

Performances = Here, I was not that scared of the GHOST, as I was, seeing the pathetic acting by the lead pair. Both, Sachin & Nargis have tried their level best to maintain the same expression throughout the runtime of the movie, TAAKI HUM CIRITCS KO UNKI ACTING SKILLS JUDGE KARNE MEIN ZYAADA MEHNAT AUR PARESHAANI NAA HO.

Actress Mona Singh, as Dr. Shivani, got an opportunity to take revenge of her stressful DELIVERY executed in 3 IDIOTS.

Mona ne socha iss movie mein Doctor ka role karke wo 3 IDIOTS ke style mein, apne patients ki KEH KE LEGI.

But, unfortunately, unke naam ki tarah, unka role bhi chhota hi tha.

Newbie Shabnam Karimzada showed promise in her acting skills. Her screen presence is also good.

Actor Vivaan Bhatena, as Karan’s friend, has a good personality, but had no meat in his role.

Actor Ali Asgar, as Karan’s Butler, does better comedy in the KAPIL SHARMA SHOW, than what he has done in this movie.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = The direction of Bhushan Patel was good at places, and at places, non – linear. Also, the presence of unnecessary songs broke the continuity of the movie at regular intervals. The Background Score was in line with the genre of the movie.

Rowdy Rating = 2 / 5  



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