Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel
Review Rowdy -

Plot = Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) becomes CAPTAIN MARVEL, one of the most powerful superheroes in the universe, for saving planet earth from the war in between two alien races.

Opinion = In general, I am not at all a fan of any superhero flick or franchise.

I feel every superhero movie presents the same dish, with different toppings.

Here also, there is this stereotypical plot, showcasing the triumph of GOOD over EVIL.

I understand that there is a humungous fan following of MARVEL STUDIO movies, globally, but it has least impact on me, while I review these movies.

Honestly stating, till date, I have only liked the DARK KNIGHT franchise (from the DC Universe) and the BLACK PANTHER (from the Marvel Studios), mainly because, those movies focused on the content and plot development, rather than just showcasing the superhero histrionics.

Here, for the first 15 mins, the audience remained highly clueless with what was really happening on screen. The movie picks up pace after around 20 mins of the runtime and sensitizes the audience with the overall setup of the plot, in a convincing way.

But again, the makers lose focus in the climax, and make it tedious to watch.

I purposefully watch the hindi dubbed version of MARVEL movies, to enjoy the witty dialogues, which does not have any steam, in the original version of their movies.

So, if you really want to LOL, watch the hindi version of this movie.

And if you are a MARVEL fan, you are anyways going to watch it at the earliest.

For the remaining movie buffs, it’s just a one – time watch!!

Performances = The talent of actress Brie Larson gets wasted in movies based on Dinosaurs and other giant species. She had got an opportunity to showcase her talent optimally in ROOM, and in this flick. In both the movies, she is playing the lead, and has done a commendable job.

Here, especially in the fight sequences, Brie changed the entire game in her favor.

The remaining cast was perfect in their respective roles.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = I believe Directors Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck had the opportunity of curtailing the length of the climax.

If they would have done that, the movie would have had some less weak points then.

It was good that they also focused on plot development, but the never ending climax ruined my mood.

I was literally waiting for the movie to end, it was so unbearable.

Technically, if you consider the VFX, the Cinematography, the CGI and the Background Score, every aspect of it is brilliant.

Rowdy Rating = 3 / 5


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