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Plot = A mumbai – based veterinary doctor Raj (Vidyut Jammwal) returns to his village for meeting his father, who owns an elephant sanctuary named as Chandrika Elephant Sanctuary.

Situations get tensed for Raj when Atul Kulkarni enters the sanctuary and starts hunting the elephants, for procuring ivory from their tusks.

Will Raj be able to save the sanctuary or will the innocent beasts get compromised, for satiating selfish needs of human beings?

Opinion = No one in the world needs an elephant tusk, but the elephant – The movie starts after this quote is been displayed on screen and the makers have made deliberate efforts to promulgate this ideology throughout its runtime.

Like many other movie buffs, even I had decent expectations from this flick, considering the fact that the project is backed by the people who have delivered classics like TALVAR & RAAZI, in the past.

But unfortunately, the movie is highly average in its overall treatment.

Though, the locations, action sequences and the natural wildlife are been shot beautifully, but the lethargic pace of the movie and the performances of different actors, spoiled the narrative.

The makers take a hell-of-a-time in setting up the plot and just beat around the bush, for the first 30 minutes of the runtime.

And in the effort of increasing its mass – appeal, the makers have compromised on the class –appeal of the narrative, to a great extent.

After HAATHI MERE SAATHI, this is the first bollywood movie, based on the camaraderie between a man and an elephant.

The makers had a potent plot at their disposal, but I believe where the actual hard work was required, they acted as a scapegoat.

Overall, you can watch the movie for its beautiful picturization, breath – taking action sequences (especially the one, where Vidyut is handcuffed and still he manages to assault multiple police constables, where, something like this has never been shot in Bollywood before) and for a socially – relevant message, conveyed by the makers.

Performances = As there is a saying that – every weakness of the protagonist, will always overpower the antagonist.

Here, the performance of the protagonist, Vidyut Jammwal, is the weakest link of the movie.

He has scored a century in action sequences, but in emotional and in other narrative – based sequences, he has left the field on duck.

The performance of newbie Pooja Sawant, as Shankara, was the most impressive one. She has a very confident and charming screen presence.

On the contrary, another debutante Asha Bhat, as journalist Meera, has only irritated me with her presence on screen.

Actor Atul Kulkarni has played his part well, but he has not done something exceptional or unconventional. He just suited the character and the narrative.

The supporting cast has done over – acting, with utmost sincerity and honesty.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = The overall treatment and the execution of the movie is so much in line with a typical Bollywood Masala Movie, that it is hard to believe that the project is helmed by Hollywood Director Chuck Russell.

The movie is packed with humorous punches and dishoom – dishoom, occurring at regular intervals. Still, Chuck could have handled the mandate in a much better and sophisticated way.

Technically, the movie is brilliant and at many places, the VFX is at par with Hollywood.

Out of around 3 – 4 songs, only Yaad Aayegi Teri Dosti and Fakira are melodious.

Rowdy Rating = 2.5 / 5     

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