The Least Of These

The Least Of These
Review Rowdy -

Plot = The movie is inspired from real – life incidences where, a journalist Manav Banerjee (Sharman Joshi), gets shifted to Orissa with his pregnant wife Shanti Banerjee (Aditi Chengappa) and secures a job in a local newspaper, where the editor is Kedar Mishra (Prakash Belawadi).

Kedar assigns Manav on a project, to find evidences against Dr. Graham Staines, who is alleged to forcibly convert tribal villagers into Christians, for strengthening their catholic community.

Will Manav be able to prove Graham as guilty, or is there something else written in their fate?

Opinion = Honestly stating, I had never heard about this movie, until yesterday. I had never even watched its trailer or any other promotional material either. One friend of mine requested me to watch this flick, as he wanted to know my opinion on its content.

So, I started researching on this movie and to my surprise, I found rave reviews on it on the Book My Show application.

But, since the ratings given by the TOI were discouraging, considering my friend’s request only, I decided to catch it up today.

Now, I feel I will have to personally thank my friend for pushing me to review it, otherwise, I would have missed this GEM of a movie.

The entire narrative is true to its content. The genuine efforts taken by the makers are quite evident on screen.

It’s an extremely serious and no nonsense flick, made strictly for the class audience.

Movies like these must be heavily promoted, as it sensitizes the audience with unsung heroes like Mr. Graham Staines.

Truly, after watching this flick, I will always respect and revere the 35 years of selfless service given to this country by this gentleman (Graham Staines) and his wife Padma Shri Gladys Staines.

This movie is a must watch for every INDIAN, only to realize that how ignorant, stupid and hopeless countrymen we are, who do not deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

I am not willing to give any spoilers in my review, but can only request the readers to watch this one, if not for anything else, then only for knowing how great a man, Mr. Graham Staines was !!!

Performances = Though the protagonist of the movie is Sharman Joshi, the remaining cast has also got an equal opportunity to justify their presence on screen.

It’s a brave and praise – worthy effort by Sharman, of choosing such an off – beat movie, and justifying the character, with his earnest performance.

Actor Stephen Baldwin, as Graham Staines, has given an impressive performance, but, in some scenes his appearance was like a caricature.

Actress Shari Rigby has shined with her performance. She has excelled in her effort, especially in the emotional scenes.

Actress Aditi Chengappa is shown as pregnant and bed – ridden 90 % time of her total screen presence, so can’t analyze the nuances of her performance in depth. She has done, what she was required to do.

It’s high time that TALVAR fame Prakash Belawadi show some variation in his performances. Continuing the same thing, in every movie, will not work in the long run.

The supporting cast has done a fine job.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = Debutante Director Aneesh Daniel has shown promise in his directorial style and vision.

His direction is engaging and is on a very serious note.

The entire movie is been shot in English Language, but, if Aneesh would have kept the dialogues of the villagers in Hindi, the narrative would have looked more convincing.

The Production Design of the movie is at par with the requirement of the script.

The movie is been shot in very real and rustic locations, which gives it a look of a parallel cinema.

Rowdy Rating = 4 / 5


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