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Plot = Ex- army soldier Kabir (Zaheer Iqbal) secures a job, as a teacher, at Wular Public School, at a secluded place in Kashmir.

After taking charge of his duty, Kabir finds a notebook, used as a personal diary, of an ex – teacher of the school, Ms. Firdaus (Pranutan Bahl) and falls in love with her, after reading some pages of the notebook.

Will Kabir be able to meet his love Firdaus ever, or is there something more written in the notebook, which meets the eye?

Opinion = I have fallen in love with this movie, madly.

It is one of those movies, which I will remember, cherish and revere, till my last breath.

This movie can very well be placed in the league of Aashiqui 2, Manjhi – The Mountain Man, PS I Love You, A Walk To Remember and the most recent one Kuch Bheege Alfaaz, considering its content and the overall treatment.

This flick promulgates the ideology that, love is not restricted to physical pleasures.

Love can happen anywhere, anytime and with anyone, with whom you are able to connect at an emotional level, whether that individual is accessible to you, or not.

For majority of its runtime, I had tears in my eyes. I was completely zapped by the proceedings at the emotional level.

Also, the beautiful locales of Kashmir, elevated the treatment of the movie, at a much superior pedestal.

You will have to surrender yourself to the narrative, for satiating your movie watching experience, optimally.

Be it the first half, or the second one, the entire movie remains high on the engagement quotient.

Also, various political and social issues faced by the local residents of KASHMIR, are been weaved in and are shown through the narrative, in the most impressive way.

Overall, I would like to thank actor Salman Khan, for producing this masterpiece !!!!!

Go for it and watch the true spirit of LOVE, in its purest form !!!!

Performances = The performance of the lead pair is praise – worthy.

Both the actors suited their characters, perfectly.

However, the appearance and look of Zaheer Iqbal is very much KASHMIRI. This has worked in favor for him, in this movie, but it might create hindrances and restrictions for him in getting other projects in Bollywood.

Also, Zaheer must try and showcase some starkly evident variations, while expressing different emotions. Otherwise, as a debutant, he has given a highly impressive performance.

Newbie Pranutan Bahl (Daughter of Mohnish Bahl and grand – daughter of actress Nutan), will steal your heart with her mind – boggling performance.

She looked confident, sweet, innocent and attractive on screen.

If luck favors her, Pranutan is bound to have a glorifying career in Bollywood.

Actor Mir Sarwar, in a brief appearance, left a lasting impact with his performance.

The performance of all the 7 kids shown in the movie, will steal your heart.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = I can fill up an entire notebook (pun intended), praising the Direction & Technical Aspects of this movie.

There is a sense of sincerity, purity and love for the craft, in Nitin Kakkar’s direction.

I felt that he himself was savoring the beauty of Love and of Kashmir, while shooting this movie.

Considering his last flick FILMISTAN and this one, I can gauge that he is a no nonsense director, who conveys his message through his craft, in a subtle way, without beating around the bush.

The Cinematography and the Camera Work undertaken, while shooting this classic, is breath – taking. It’s a beautiful ride of “Heaven On Earth”(Kashmir), through the lens of the cameraman.

Surprisingly, being a love story, there is only 1 song in the movie, Bumro Bumro, which is melodious and is shot beautifully.

Rowdy Rating = 4.5 / 5


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