Wild Wild Country

Wild Wild Country
Review Rowdy -

Plot = It’s a 6 episode documentary, based on the life of OSHO RAJNEESH – the most controversial spiritual guru, in the history of mankind.

The documentary mainly focuses on the establishment and dissolution of RAJNEESHPURAM, in the United States of America, between 1981 to 1985, and every kind of controversies and scandals that took place at that ranch, during its existence.

Opinion = I am cursing myself heavily, for taking a decision to review original web series, so late.

For a complete 1 year, this MASTERPIECE stayed away from the gamut of my viewership and criticism.

If time permits, I can write a complete book, of at least 200 pages, praising every aspect of this documentary.

This is the most honest and to – the – point documentary feature, I have seen in my life, till date.

Getting such a freedom (of stating everything honestly and in an exhibitionist manner) is a luxury in India.

The makers have strategized the entire series, based on the facts at hand, and have left the responsibility on the audience, to decide whether OSHO and Ma Anand Sheela, were godly figures, or the agents of demons.

Here, Mr. Chandra Mohan Jain, had diverse characterizations of his personality as he grew up, and came to be known to the world as RAJNEESH, as OSHO, as BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH and even as a SEX GURU.

Throughout his lifetime, especially in the final decade of his existence, Osho and his Followers (known as SANNYASINS or RAJNEESHIS) were constantly surrounded with scandals and controversies.

Though the documentary is based on OSHO, the central character of the entire series, is Ma Anand Sheela, who was Osho’s Personal Secretary.

You get to know the facts, through the vision and perception of Sheela.

The entire series is a culmination of real – life video footages, media bytes, interviews – of various sannyasins, of Ma Anand Sheela, osho’s legal advisor – Swami Prem Niren, Jon Bowerman, Ma Shanti B (Jane Stork), some local residents of Antelope (where the RAJNEESHPURAM was established) and many of his allies.

The series is so engaging and unnerving, that you yourself will not like to miss even a single scene, in any of the episodes.

Also, the presence of different songs in the background, including the background score, has acted as a midas touch, for the proceedings on screen.

It would have been a mammoth of a task for the makers, to convert the video footages, shot in the early 80’s, in a digital format and keeping the audio quality intact.

As a viewer, you will always remain in awe of the proceedings.

Directors Chapman Way and Maclain Way deserve a pat on their backs, for all the hard work and the research undertaken by them, on Osho’s life. Their direction will not give you a chance to focus on anything else.

If the makers are reading my review, I would like to request them to contact me and let me know, how they managed to convince Ma Anand Sheela, for giving such a brutally honest account of her life and of Osho.

Throughout its runtime, you remain engaged with a plethora of twists and turns, showcased through the narrative, which are so shocking, that it would have been hard to believe, if they had not included real life footages of that time.

Right from the establishment of RAJNEESHPURAM, in Antelope, to the tiff between Rajneeshis and the local residents, to the poisoning of the entire state of Oregon, to the involvement of FBI in solving various scandals, to the people getting caught red – handed while having sex on a public bridge, you see everything, in its true form.

This documentary will also be remembered as a LOVE SAGA between Ma Anand Sheela and OSHO.

Sheela’s love for OSHO (though one-sided) was extremely pure and compromising.

The makers were successful in showcasing their love angle, which later turned into a deep enmity.

As Osho himself had stated in an interview that – LOVE AFFAIR NEVER ENDS, IT CAN TURN INTO A HATE AFFAIR.

Similarly, Sheela and Osho’s relationship also ended on a bitter note.

Especially, the media confrontation shown between Osho and Sheela, when she leaves his ranch, is mind – boggling and will definitely give you an adrenaline rush.

I would advise you to do a bit of a research on OSHO RAJNEESH, before starting to watch this classic (if at all, you don’t know anything about him).

For your research, you can refer the Wikipedia page and can watch and listen to some of Osho’s speeches, which are freely available on YouTube.

I assure you, if you are an individual, possessing a certain kind of maturity, with a logical thought process, you yourself will become a FAN of OSHO.

I would urge you to take out time from your busy schedules, for watching the journey of a man, who possessed 92 ROLLS ROYCEs, 80,000 acres of Ranch in Antelope and who influenced around 50,000 people around the globe, to leave everything behind, for becoming an able SANNYASIN and live a life of dreams, envisioned by him. And whose followers still exist worldwide (in the count of millions), even after 29 years of his death.

It’s a sannyaSIN to not watch this MASTERPIECE !!!

Rowdy Rating = 5 / 5   

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