Delhi Crime – Netflix Original

Delhi Crime – Netflix Original
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Plot = The series is based on the infamous Nirbhaya Gangrape Case, executed in the capital city, in the year 2012.

It’s a 7 episodes NETFLIX ORIGINAL web series, mainly focusing on the investigation, conducted by the Delhi Police, after they took cognizance of the heinous crime, till all the 6 culprits are put behind the bars.

Opinion = Nirbhaya Gangrape is one of the most heinous and heavily detested crime, ever executed on this planet.

A lot of things are been said and opined in the public domain, about this case.

Instead of taking cues from the factual information, the makers chose to make a fictional account of the entire incident.

And because of their dubious intentions, the series made a mockery of such a serious and heinous crime.

Throughout its runtime, in all the episodes, I felt that, the makers deliberately tried to whitewash the image of the Delhi Police.

It was good that, instead of focusing on press conferences, media bytes, public protests, etc, the makers kept the focus on the investigative officers, and their daily routine and challenges, who were mandated to solve this case.

In the process, they became too indulgent and over enthusiastic with their craft.

The first 2 episodes were utter waste of the makers and my efforts (for watching and reviewing it), as the plot just meanders in the labyrinth of clichés and boredom.

The series started to engage me from the 3rd episode, but again, with the presence of various cameo appearances, of the friends and family members of the investigating officers, who appeared at regular intervals, ruined the narrative and my mood, simultaneously.

In one specific scene, a senior investigating Police Officer calls his friend who is the owner of a travel company (and a Sardaar) and refers him to DCP Vartika Chaturvedi (Shefali Shah).

So to establish the fact that the sardaar is a long time friend of the Police Officer, and to showcase the camaraderie they share, he comes in the cabin and suddenly starts giving GYAAN to his police officer friend, about making a DOT on a wall, and watching it with a naked eye, for improving his vision.

I felt that what – the – fuck was happening on screen. An individual is called for a police investigation, that also directly by the DCP of the city, and the asshole is giving a GYAAN on improving his friend’s vision – stating that as a GHARELU NUSKHA?

Believe me, there are a plethora of such shitty and pointless scenes, in the entire web series, in different episodes.

I feel that, when TV Actor Anup Soni used to host Crime Patrol, they had made a much decent and sophisticated 2 episodes series on this case.

Also, they had made a very decent and heart – wrenching series on the Aruna Shanbag rape case, as well.

The makers of this series, should have taken cues from them, for making it a respectable watch.

Throughout the series, I felt that they went far from reality, just to please and lick the asses of the Delhi Police officials.

The way the investigating team is shown enthusiastic in this series, if they really were, in reality, then why almost the entire population of Delhi was forced to come on street, to highlight and detest their lethargic way of functioning.

Here, the policemen are shown in such a way, that they are so innocent and henpecked, that they are not getting time to see their family members, not getting proper food to eat, even their schedules are so demanding that they are not getting the time to even finish the food been served in their plate.

In reality, the Delhi Police came in intense action, only when they received backlash from the media and their senior officials, and when their asses caught fire, they got bound to nab the culprits on fast track.


A special write up for the makers, Director Richie Mehta and Writers Toby Bruce & Laurence Bowen, I am a Management Graduate and we are been taught to first define the Target Audience / Market, for our product / service, and then start the process of prospecting.

Here, I believe, the makers lacked clarity of thought on what they were trying to convey through this series, and to whom.

If they intended to make a series, to be pitched on a global pedestal (which NETLFIX is anyway the correct medium), then why the series is made in English, in bits and pieces only, and not in its entirety?

If the target audience was restricted to India, then why the accent or the gesture of any of the character, doesn’t match with that of a DELHIITE?

With such an average execution, a potent actress like Shefali Shah got completely wasted.

She tried her level best to make her character believable, but the script did not support her.

Her anguish at various instances looked unconvincing and unjustified.

Also, to give the proceedings a realistic feel, there are many cuss words mouthed by Shefali, which appeared as completely out of sync and unconvincing.

As an audience, I was not able to tally with her emotions.

Remaining actors like Adil Hussain, as the Police Commissioner, Rasika Duggal, as Neeti Singh, Jaya Bhattacharya, as sub – inspector Vimla Bharadwaj and all the supporting artists were just average in their performance.

The weakest link of the entire series is the performance of Yashaswini Dayama, as Chandni Chaturvedi( DCP Vartika Chaturvedi’s daughter)

Chandni’s character is so irritating and unnecessary, that I felt like slapping her (and the makers of course), whenever she appeared on screen.

Overall, the makers had an opportunity of making it a taut and engaging investigative thriller, but they were bound by the shackles of stereotypes.

Rowdy Rating = 3/ 5  




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