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Review Rowdy -

Plot = The movie is a cinematic representation of the Battle Of Saragarhi, fought on September 12, 1897, where, 21 soldiers of the 36th Battalion of Sikh Regiment, namely, Havildar Ishar Singh, Naik Lal Singh, Lance Naik Chanda Singh, Sepoy Sundar Singh, Sepoy Ram Singh, […]

Milan Talkies

Milan Talkies

Review Rowdy -

Plot = An aspiring film director Annu Sharma (Ali Fazal) falls in love with a Brahmin girl Maithili (Shraddha Srinath). Their life turns tobsy – truvy when their affair gets exposed in front of Maithili’s father Ashutosh Rana. The movie then showcases the couple’s struggle, […]



Plot = Rafiulla (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is a debt – ridden street photographer, clicking and selling photographs of tourists visiting the Gateway Of India.

He approaches a tourist Miloni (Sanya Malhotra) and requests to click a photograph of hers.

The movie is then based on how love blossoms between the two !!!

Opinion = I believe the movie should not have been named PHOTOGRAPH.

The most suitable title would be BOREDOMGRAPH.

Because, as the runtime of the movie increases, the boredom graph also goes in line.

I am still not able to figure it out that why the Director has made this movie at the first place.

Why an actor like Nawazuddin Siddiqui a part of this SHIT.

It was like, screen par movie chale jaa rahi hai, audience ne ticket ke paise bhar diye hain, to unko movie dekhni pad rahi hai.

There is no excitement, no emotional connect with the characters, no food for thought by the screenplay, nothing at all.

The movie even doesn’t pick up pace post interval.

It’s one of the most disappointing movies of 2019 and will always be counted among the worst movies in Nawazuddin’s career.

Performances = Last year, while giving interview to Anupama Chopra, Nawazuddin  had said that he himself never enjoys parallel cinema or contemporary style of filmmaking, as it lacks the “entertainment quotient”, heavily.

Then, I am not able to fathom that why did he chose this one?

Since the director himself was not clear about what he is willing to convey with this movie, the talent of the lead pair, Nawazuddin and Sanya, got completely wasted.

The graph of their characters was linear throughout, which did not engage the audience at all.

The saving grace of the movie was the performance of actress Farrukh Jaffar, as Rafiullah’s grandmother. Her comic timing and dialogue delivery was praise – worthy.

Actors like Sachin Khedekar, Vijay Raaz, Jim Sarbh and others were completely wasted.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = Writer – Director Ritesh Batra has used the same style of filmmaking, which he had used in THE LUNCHBOX in 2013.

Honestly stating, I did not like both of his movies and found them extremely boring and unnecessarily lengthy.

If the director is not able to communicate his vision to his audience, through his craft, then there is no point in taking credit for anything.

Ritesh, if you are reading my review, then I would humbly request you to improve your filmmaking skills and make it more audience – friendly.

If you cannot do it, then please stop torturing us with your useless scripts and copied plotlines.

I was so bored in the movie that I don’t care what effort has the technical team made from their end.

Audience ko to mazaa nahin aayega boss!!

Rowdy Rating = 1.5 / 5


Mere Pyare Prime Minister

Mere Pyare Prime Minister

Review Rowdy -

Plot = Kanhaiya a.ka. Kahnu (Om Kanojiya), is a dharavi based teenage boy, who sells newspapers for a living, distributes free packets of condoms in his vicinity in exchange of some bucks and is innocent to scream so loudly, that his voice can reach the […]

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Review Rowdy -

Plot = Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) becomes CAPTAIN MARVEL, one of the most powerful superheroes in the universe, for saving planet earth from the war in between two alien races. Opinion = In general, I am not at all a fan of any superhero flick […]



Plot = An accomplished business woman Naina Sethi (Tapsee Pannu) appoints a seasoned criminal lawyer Badal Gupta (Amitabh Bachchan), for acquitting her out of a murder case, in which she gets embroiled by mistake.

Will Badal be able to get Naina acquitted out of the case or is there something more which meets the eye?

Opinion = Considering the ensemble, I was quite confident that I am going to the multiplex for watching something exceptional.

And I am delighted to realize that the movie exceeded my expectations.

In a day and age where news spread faster than light and where rumors take the form of reality in the form of a whatsapp message, making a taut suspense thriller, without giving spoilers, is a mammoth of a task.

Today, filmmakers refrain from suspense – thriller genre, mainly because, our STUPID audience leaks out the final outcome of the plot, on the social media, seconds after the first show itself (like they had done at the time of TALAASH) which leaves no reason for others to enjoy the flick at the multiplex.

I hope people don’t repeat the nuisance with this one.

It’s definitely a must watch, for the people who crave for witnessing logical discussions on screen. It’s a must watch for the people who are connoisseurs of edge-of-the-seat thrillers. And if you don’t fall in any of these categories, then you must watch it purely for entertainment.

The entire movie keeps you glued to the screen with a plethora of twists and turns in the plot, occurring at regular intervals.

At places, I saw resemblance of its execution with ITTEFAQ & EK RUKA HUA FAISLA.

The first half is extremely engaging and the second one will satiate your curiosity about various open ends, presented in the plot.

However, I felt that the climax was far – fetched and could have been made in a subtle way.

Nonetheless, such movies are extremely rare in Bollywood, so go and enjoy it !!

Performances = There is a strong reason why Sr. Bachchan is called the powerhouse of talent. Here, he is in his comfort zone, playing a character of his age, with nuances taken from his characters in AANKHEN & PINK. He has given a very restrained performance, which was the exact requirement of the character.

Tapsee Pannu on the other hand, has given an unsatisfactory performance. There were numerous instances where she got an opportunity to shine with her performance, but she just gave a bland expression.

It was refreshing to see Amrita Singh’s (Rani Kaul) performance.

The supporting cast, including Manav Kaul, was just average in their effort.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = Though the movie is heavily inspired from the Spanish Movie “The Invisible Guest”, Director Sujoy Ghosh has put a commendable effort in setting up the plot in the Indian Context.

At places, his direction and screenplay became little heavy, which is not good for any movie having such an intertwined plot.

The Background Score and the Cinematography was simply outstanding.

Rowdy Rating = 3.5 / 5





Review Rowdy -

Plot = Vinod Shukla a.k.a GUDDU (Kartik Aryan) and Rashmi Trivedi (Kriti Sanon) are a mathura – based couple, who decides to stay in a live – in relationship, before getting into marriage. The problems, humor, twists and turns start in the plot when the […]



Review Rowdy -

Plot = The movie is setup in the 1970’s, the time frame of EMERGENCY (to be precise), where Lakhna (Sushant Singh Rajput), Vakil Singh (Ranvir Shorey) and their gang members are bandits, lead by Maan Singh (Manoj Bajpayee). Indumati Tomar (Bhumi Pednekar) and her teenage […]



Plot = The movie is a reprised version of the first installment of the franchise where, Radhe (Ajay Devgn), Bindu (Madhuri Dixit), Avinash (Anil Kapoor), Lallan (Rietiesh Deshmukh), Adi (Arshad Warsi), Manav (Javed Jaffrey), Jonny (Sanjay Mishra) and Boman Irani (Police Commissioner) are hunting for a corpus of Rs. 50 Crores, which the character of Manoj Pahwa has hid at a clandestine place at a ZOO at Janakpur.

Their struggle for reaching their destination and finding the money is presented with humor and a relevant social message.

Opinion = After watching the trailer of this flick, I felt that the DHAMAAL franchise is going on the lines of the HOUSEFULL franchise, where you will find deliberate efforts of making the audience laugh, without backing the content with any logic.

But, to my surprise, the movie is way better than its predecessor DOUBLE DHAMAAL.

The makers have presented the same old wine (DHAMAAL) in a new bottle, with a variety of CHAKHANA (in the form of an ensemble cast).

They have ensured that the audience doesn’t get bored at any given time and have succeeded in their effort.

Though you cannot expect LOGIC in such types of movies, but at least, the one – liners and the stupidity of the situation at various occasions, kept me engaged and entertained.   

The first and the second half both, have equal amount of humor and entertainment for the audience.

However, I felt that the movie became little preachy in the climax sequence.

It’s a clean, comic and a complete family entertainer, you can happily go for it!

Performances = There are very rare multi – starrer movies where, the entire cast gets an equal opportunity to shine in their respective roles.

TOTAL DHAMAAL is one of them.

It was refreshing to see the legendary on – screen couple Anil Kapoor & Madhuri Dixit together, after decades.

Both have given respectable effort in entertaining the audience.

Arshad Warsi and Javed Jaffery have done exactly same what they had done in DHAMAAL. Still, their characters have become immortal after this movie.

The makers were not able to utilize the potential of actors like Manoj Pahwa, Boman Irani, Sanjay Mishra, Ritiesh Deshmukh and Pitobash Tripathy, optimally.

The cameo of Mahesh Manjrekar & Johnny Lever was as hilarious and entertaining, as the cameo appearance of actress Esha Gupta useless and boring.

Actor Jackie Shroff has only lent his voice for a sequence, which is the most entertaining part of this movie.

Actor Ajay Devgn is an adroit in playing serious and challenging roles on screen, but he is not at all suitable for doing comedy or dance in any movie.

Direction & Other Technical Aspects = After the debacle of Double Dhamaal at the box office, Director Indra Kumar has played a very safe bet this time.

He has presented the reprised version of his one of the most successful films and has managed to entertain the audience, at large.

The VFX done by the production house of Ajay Devgn is brilliant and hollywood – class.

The dialogues and screenplay are in line with the requirement of this franchise.

On the contrary, none of the song is memorable.

Rowdy Rating = 3 / 5



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